Group formed by Nicolás Germani, student of industrial design and visual arts, and Sasha Reisin, graduate in electronic arts. In 2012 began to paint walls and opening place in the street art scene of Buenos Aires.
Alternative to the path of other visual artists with history in graffiti, this group is part of a generation of muralists coming from plastic arts with emphasis on the figurative.
Through the usage of portraiture and nature, their work is based on the contrast between local, globalized culture, together with individualized expressions of native peoples; pursuing the impact of the unexpected through empathy and self-reflection.
The resignification of the way we build our routines, cities and our culture coexists with a visual search that oscillates between the dualities: plastic-illustrated, global-territorial, rudimentary-digital.


2017 'Traer la Naturaleza a Buenos Aires'. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2017 2nd edition of MAAANSO - International Meeting of Muralists and Graffiti Artists. San Juan, Argentina.

2017 'Meeting of Styles - Milan', Milan, Italy.

2017 'Gallery Street Art Project', Barcelona, Spain.

2017 Intervention in the 'Nau Bostik Cultural Center', Barcelona, Spain.

2016 'Open House Buenos Aires', intervention on the facade of the Pirovano Hospital. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2016 'Meeting of Styles - Argentina'. San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2015 'Open Air Rythm and Museum' in Atalaya, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2015 'Second Latin American Street Art Meeting of Lujan', Lujan, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2013 'Late Unsa'. Salta, Argentina.

2012 'Haciendo Zig Zag'. La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2017 Group exhibition 'Zenti2 - street artists exhibition' in the cultural center 'Animal'. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2016 Group exhibition 'Roots/Raices' in Baltimore, United States. Organized by Buenos Aires Street Art, Section1 Project and Gallery 788.

2016 Nicolas Germani solo exhibition 'Dispersion' in the cultural center El Quetzal. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2016 Group exhibition 'Muralism' in Espacio Cabrera, University of Palermo. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2014 Group exhibition 'Street Art' in Espacio Cabrera. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2013 Colab mural 'Shades in the dark' with Nice Naranja in the Open Air Museum. Cultural center El Quetzal. Buenos Aires, Argentina.